Lake County 4-H Camp (Camp Cloverleaf)

July 9th-13th 2018

Camp Counselor and CIT Application

(due March 1)

Campers age is 8-13 4-H years. To be a Counselor you must have served as a CIT for 1 year. CIT: must be 13 (as of Sept. 1) & a member of 4-H for the current 4-H year..

2017 Camp Registration Packet

Scholarships  will be award to members that:

  1. Complete a project book
  2. Participate in Share the Fun
  3. Enter County Events
  4. Enter 3 or more exhibits into the Lake County Fair

Barbara Eveland Memorial Camp Scholarship was established in honor & memory of Mrs Eveland & her belief in the value of the 4-H camping prg.  Brief history: Mrs Eveland began her involvement with 4-H as a parent & volunteer.  Vern Eveland, her husband, said, “Her 4-H experience began as a mother taking our older children to 4-H & being a volunteer helper. The club lost its leader & was in danger of collapse.  Rather than risk losing the club, Barbara became the leader, beginning what became a lifetime of leading & helping 4-Hers while also mothering 6 & caring for home & husband”.  Later she began giving camp scholarships to members of her former club.  She also personally answered thank you notes from children her scholarship fund sent to camp.  After her death, her husband Vern took on the role of answering the thank you notes.  Her legacy continues through the trust she, her husband, & her children set up to reward hard working 4-Hers with camp scholarships.

Camp Cloverleaf

126 Cloverleaf Rd. Lake Placid, FL 33852