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Rose Garden

Here you can find the beauty and fragrances that only the rose can provide.  Many of the antique rose varieties for Florida are featured.  The white fence and arbor entries are complemented by the unique shape of large Torulosa junipers.  The combination of the landscape features give a formal appearance to the garden.

Rose Garden Plant Inventory

Rhapiolepis indica 'Alba'
Common name Botanical Name
Indian Hawthorne Rhapiolepis indica 'Alba'
Rose #1 Rosa 'Prosperity'
Rose #10 Rosa 'Madame Lombard'
Rose #11 Rosa 'Jean Bach Sisley'
Rose #12 Rosa 'Chestnut Rose'
Rose #13 Rosa 'Ducher'
Rose #14 Rosa 'Pink Pet'
Rose #15 Rosa Monsier Tillier "1891"
Rose #16 Rosa Lamarque "1803"
Rose #17 Rose Mrs. B. R. Cant "1901"
Rose #18 Rosa 'Tausendchon'
Rose #2 Rosa 'Champney's Pink Cluster'
Rose #3 Rosa 'Old Blush'
Rose #4 Rosa 'Climbing Cecil Brunner'
Rose #5 Rosa 'Louis Phillip'
Rose #6 Rosa 'Bermuda's Kathleen' *
Rose #7 Rosa 'Cecil Brunner', 'Mignon' *
Rose #8 Rosa 'Mutabilis', 'Chinensis'*
Rose #9 Rosa Bermuda 'St. David'
Schillings Holly Ilex vomitoria 'Nana'
Torulosa Juniper Juniperus chinensis 'Torulosa'


Garden Photos:

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Rose Garden
Rose Garden

Bermuda's Kathleen
Bermuda's Kathleen

rose garden entrance
Rose Garden Entrance

Louis Phillippe rose
Louis Phillippe

Rose Garden facing East
Rose Garden Looking East

Rose Garden Walkway