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Wetland Garden

Our constructed wetlands are designed as an educational forum to foster a public appreciation of wetland areas and to teach homeowners the importance of storm water runoff management.  Consisting of attractively landscaped wetlands, a simulated lake front yard and a 60 seat teaching amphitheater, the Wetlands Garden serves as an example of how we as educated citizens can learn to properly treat surface runoff from residential properties.  This will help protect Florida's fragile wetlands environment.

Wetland Garden Inventory

Common name Botanical Name
Arrowhead Sagittaria latifolia
Bur-Marigold Biden laevis
Buttonbush Cephalanthus occidentalis
Cardinal Aster Aster carolinianus
Cardinal flower Lobelia cardinalis
Climbing aster Aster carolinianus Walter
Coral bean Erythrina herbacea
Duck potato Sagittaria latifolia
Elliot's Aster Aster elliottee
Fakahatchee grass Tripsacum dactyloides
Firebush Hamelia patens
Golden Canna Canna flaccida Salib
Iris Iris hexagona
Lanceleaf coreopsis Coreopsis lancealata
Lizard's tail Saururus cernuus L.
Loblolly bay Gordonia lasianthus
Orange Canna Canna x generalis
Pickerel weed Pontederia cordata L.
Pink hibiscus Hibiscus grandiflorus
Red hibiscus Hibiscus coccineus
Red Root Lachnanthes caroliana
Sand cordgrass Spartina bakeri
Saw-grass Calidum jamaicense
Sensitive Plant Mimosa strigillosa
Showy Primrose Oenothera specisoa
Soft rush Juncus effusus L.
Soft-stem bulrush Scirpus validus
Southern Blue-Flag Iris virginica L.
Southern Swamp-Lily Carinum americanum L.
Swamp rose Rosa palustris Marsh
Swamp sunflower Helianthus angustifolius
Walter's Viburnum Viburnum obovatium
Water-Hyssops Bacopa caroloniana
Wax Myrtle Myrica cerifera
Willow bustic Dipholis salicifolia


Garden Photos:

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wetland garden
Wetland Garden


pickeral weed
Pickeral Weed

Wetland Garden

yellow cannas
Yellow Cannas