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         Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet NEW

         Nutrition Tips for 2016     pdf    

         Food Modification for Special Needs Children   pdf

          Florida Seafood: Simply Delicious

          Florida Fall Flavors

          Food Preservation Basics

          Holiday Meals Made Better

          Add Fresh Flavors with Herbs

          Healthy Stir Fry Cooking

         1 Chicken 3 Ways or More

Money Management:

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        Investment Basics

        Personal Income Tax Preparation and Filing  NEW!          

        Declutter Your Life     pdf     NEW!   

       Holiday Credit Strategies    pdf

        Stretching Your Food Dollars     pdf   

        Maximizing Social Security Benefits        

         Personal Finance Questions, Realities & Myths    pdf

        Where to Turn for Financial Advice  pdf       

        Six Steps to Smarter Shopping     

        Confident Auto Buying  pdf

       Introduction to IRAs   pdf

       Comparing Mutual Funds & Exchange Traded Funds  pdf

        Introduction to Mutual Funds  pdf

        Maximum Vacation for Minimum Dollars   pdf

        Top 10 Money Tips for 2014     pdf

        Funeral Planning 

         Reverse Mortgages       

         Financial Planning When Retirement is Near

         Building Your Finances For Retirement

         Annuities 101

          Building a Strong Credit History

           Goal-Based Investing  

          Calendar-Based Budgeting

          Small Steps to Health and Wealth

          You Can't Take It With You

          When Mom and Dad Need Help Managing                                     Their Finances

          What's Your Money Personality?

           Shopping for Installment Loans

           Credit and Debt

           Smart Couponing

           Managing Student Loan Debt

          Planning Ahead To Meet the Cost of College

          Talking to Children about Money

         Talking to College Students about Money



piggy bank


Managing in Tough Times PDF version of book available at your local office.

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