Leaving Your Home for an Extended Time

  Preparing your home 

 before you leave for an

 extended period may

 prevent problems when you return. Take steps to control moisture, prevent storm damage, control pests and secure your home. For more information, please review the publications below.

Closing Your Seasonal Home

Controlling Mildew

Mold Information (FL Dept. Of Health)

Mold Information (EPA)

Controlling Household Pests

Good sanitation practices will help keep your home pest-free. Find out the proper procedures as well as safe control methods for common pests.




Pantry Pests

The Facts About Mothballs

Homemade Bedbug Trap  

Discover how to make a bed bug trap using household items. More...

Making Your Home Energy Efficient

The University of Florida/IFAS Extension Energy Efficient Homes series provides information on lighting, heating, cooling, appliances, windows and landscaping. For More information.